Are patrick mckee and justin mckee related? (2023)

Where is Patrick McKee now?

Anchor. As part of WSLS 10 Today's morning team, Patrick McKee brings a unique set of skills to the anchor desk. Formerly part of the WSLS 10 Storm Team, Patrick spent most of his career as a meteorologist before making the move to news in November 2014. Patrick joined the WSLS 10 News team in March of 2006.

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Who is Patrick McKee married to?

Pat met his wife Rita Felling at the University of Minnesota Newman Center when he was completing his MBA at Carlson and Rita was working as an RN in St. Paul.

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Who is Justin McKee?

Justin McKee, a longtime rodeo and bull riding announcer, television personality and emcee, is available for bookings. The former professional steer roper from Lenapah, Oklahoma, has live-announced pro rodeos such as Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Pendleton Round-Up, and Ellensburg Rodeo for 25 years.

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Why did Patrick McKee leave WSLS?

WSLS morning anchor Patrick McKee stepped down as an anchor at the Roanoke, Va., NBC affiliate to take a job behind the camera. McKee told viewers about the move into producing a couple of weeks ago, saying it was “a little terrifying,” but that he was ready for a “normal sleep schedule.”

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Who is leaving WSLS?

WATCH: After 14 years, 10 News says thank you and goodbye to Lindsey Ward. After 14 years, Friday evening marked Lindsey Ward's final newscast with WSLS 10.

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Where is Jeff Medders from?

Medders owns a cattle ranch near his boyhood home in Talihina, Oklahoma. Medders graduated from Oklahoma State in spring of 1985 and was named an OSU College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Alumnus in 2014. He was inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2016.

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Did Lindsey Ward of Wsls have her baby?


If you remember, back in September, Lindsey and her husband welcomed their first child.

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Who owns WSLS?

Owned by Graham Media Group, the station maintains studios on Fifth Street in Roanoke, and its transmitter is located on Poor Mountain in Roanoke County.

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Is Lindsey Ward leaving Wsls?

'Now is the time for me to join you': Lindsey Ward leaving WSLS 10 this March. “This is home. I'm not moving away. It's just that now is the time for me to join you at the table and become a WSLS 10 viewer.”

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Is Rachel Lucas still on Wsls 10?

Intro. Watch Rachel weekdays at 5:30, 6 and 7 p.m. anchoring on WSLS 10 News. GRAHAM MEDIA GROUP, INC.

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Where is Wsls 10 News?

Roanoke, Virginia News, Local Headlines. WSLS News 10.

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