Why did Rodney and Cassandra split? (2023)

Does Rodney get back with Cassandra?

Rodney said he was very busy so Cassie stormed out. They did get back together when Del became a dad and they also agreed to go to marriage guidance.

Did Rodney and Cassandra lose a baby?

Rodney announced that Cassandra was pregnant in "Heroes and Villains", though she miscarried in "Modern Men". They later had a daughter, Joan (named after Del and Rodney's late mother), in "Sleepless in Peckham".

Did Cassandra have a baby?

Del and Rodney race to the hospital, where Cassandra has delivered a baby girl via Caesarean section. A few days later, Rodney takes his daughter to the cemetery to visit his mother's grave.

What was Rodney's girlfriend called?

They are later reconciled again, however, as Del invited June to the opera in A Royal Flush with Rodney and his date Lady Victoria.

Does Cassandra turn good again?

After seeing Gothel abandon her for Rapunzel during a journey through her memories, Cassandra fully embraces her more evil side and spends all of Season 3 developing into a villain, though in the end she is still shown to have some good in her and is eventually able to redeem herself.

Why does Rodney not like Damien?

Damien is the only child of Del and Raquel and nephew of Rodney Trotter. A recurring theme in the show was Rodney's fixated belief that Damien was literally the Antichrist despite the fact that Damien shows no resentment nor intentions of harm toward anybody except Rodney himself.

Does Cassandra have a miscarriage?

Later, Cassandra suffers a miscarriage.

Is Gwyneth Strong still married to Jesse Birdsall?

Jesse Birdsall was born on 13 February 1963 in Highbury, London, England, UK. He is an actor, known for Bugs (1995), Hollyoaks (1995) and Eldorado (1992). He has been married to Gwyneth Strong since 15 July 2000. They have two children.

How did Rodney's mum died?

The cause of Joan's death was never stated in the series but hinted at in 3 episodes - in The Miracle of Peckham, Del said she died in the hospice, in The Frog's Legacy, Reenie said she visited Joan in the hospice, and in Yuppy Love, Del said her health let her down.

Who was the lover of Cassandra?

Apollo was the most beautiful male of the Olympians Gods and also the most beloved. Cassandra was one of the princesses of Troy, daughter of Priam and Hecuba. According to the Myth, Cassandra was shockingly beautiful. As fate would have it, when Apollo saw Cassandra, he fell madly in love with her.

What is Cassandra illness?

Unbeknownst to the rest of the town, Cassandra suffers from congenital heart disease and needs to take daily medication. She heads over to the pharmacy, however, finds that the prescription drugs are locked behind a locked security gate.

What gender is Cassandra?

Cassandra, also spelt Kassandra, is a feminine given name of Greek origin. Cassander is the masculine form of Cassandra. In Greek mythology, Cassandra (Greek: Κασσάνδρα) was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy.

What happened to Del and Rodney's mom?

Joan died on the 12th March 1964 at St Mary's Hospice after a long illness. She was 38 years old. Del Boy was 18 and Rodney was just 3. Joan was buried in [Cemetery|Peckham Cemetery] and a few months after her death, Del ordered a huge fibreglass monument.

Did Del and Rodney become millionaires?

The cheque prop is from one of the final episodes of the series, the 1996 Christmas special titled Time On Our Hands. In this episode the Trotter brothers Del Boy and Rodney finally become millionaires after finding a rare pocket watch.

What year did Rodney and Cassandra have a baby?

In the 2003 Christmas special, third and final chapter of the early 2000's trilogy, and final episode of Only Fools and Horses, Rodney and Cassandra Trotter have a young daughter called Joan, who Rodney named after his late mother Joan.

In what episode does Rodney marry Cassandra?

One such moment was in episode 7 of series 6 'Little Problems', when a certain Simply Red song would totally complete a moving scene. The episode saw Rodney marry Cassandra, while also finally moving out of the flat he shared with brother Del Boy (David Jason) and Uncle Albert.

Why did Rodney leave The Bachelorette?

Ultimately, he broke things off with Lace because he wanted to see where things with Eliza could go. "I don't want to waste your time at all, and I don't want to hurt you," Rodney said to Lace.

Do Del and Rodney get their money back?

After he eventually returns, Del gets a phone call from the producer, telling them that he actually got the final question right, and will be given his prize money after all.

Did Rodney Trotter have a baby?

In the 2003 Christmas special, third and final chapter of the early 2000's trilogy, and final episode of Only Fools and Horses, Rodney and Cassandra Trotter have a young daughter called Joan, who Rodney named after his late mother Joan.

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